We have all heard the popular marketing jingles of a 21-day program promising 21 pounds of weight loss, or just do this one thing and watch the weight fall off. If those programs worked, we would not be in the middle of a crisis of excess body fat. Often these programs are designed for quick results that are not sustainable, thus creating a yo-yo effect of fat loss followed by fat gain. If only fat loss was simple! There are many inputs and variables that can help you succeed or fail. This course will create sustainable fat loss by arming you with all the necessary information to help melt even the stubbornest of body fat! 

This course has been bundled with our Building Healthy Habits course to ensure you become the change agent that authors your own success. It can feel like habit change is near impossible! Like any other job, we must have the right tools to be successful. A wellness plan without the secrets to behavioral change will not be successful. This course will help you become a change architect and achieve sustained fat loss.

Radical transformation can be yours in just 4 weeks!

Course Curriculum

This course is designed for you if you are tired of the yo-yo effect of fads for fat loss, feel confused or frustrated by a lack of results, or are interested in sustainable fat loss and overall improved health.

This course is not designed for you if you want a quick fix or are unwilling to invest in yourself or spend a few hours a week improving your health.

After completion of this course, you will:

➡️ Create sustainable habits to achieve and maintain your fat loss goals
➡️ Understand nutrition and how the right foods feed fat loss
➡️ Incorporate fasting for a healthy body composition
➡️ Get restorative sleep, so your hormones are balanced and primed for fat loss
➡️ Melt stress away in minutes with several stress-busting techniques; your stubborn belly fat will disappear along with your stress
➡️Implement exercise techniques that see benefits with as little as 7 minutes a day
➡️ And much, much more!

Hello, my name is Dr. Richard Harris.

I wish there were a simple, easy solution to the excess body fat problem that is so prevalent! The body is a complex ecosystem, and often there are multiple systems out of balance when an unwanted health state is present. This course contains the principles that I have used to help others achieve sustainable fat loss while also improving their overall health and wellness. Armed with our fat loss guide and the techniques for healthy habits, your fat loss goals are just around the corner!

The value contained in this 4-week course used to cost my private clients $2000; however, you can now have that same life-changing value however, you can now have that same life-changing value in a convenient and digestible manner.