Dr. Harris has seen the power of lifestyle medicine radically transform the health of his clients. An investment in your health always pays dividends. This course will empower you to take control of your health through the critical principles of lifestyle medicine. What we do throughout the day can either help or hurt our health; after finishing this course your daily routine will be one that creates health and wealth!

Hello, I am Dr. Richard Harris

Conventional medicine tries to throw more and more medication at the problem of chronic disease, which often creates unwanted side effects and drug interactions. We spend more money on healthcare than any peer country without better outcomes. What is the solution? Lifestyle Medicine is the answer to the problem that plagues our healthcare. The 5 Pillars Of Great Health are research-proven, holistic principles designed to prevent and treat chronic illness. Take control of your health today!


5 Pillars of Great Health

A Comprehensive Guide To Lifestyle Medicine

Dr. Harris will guide you through an in-depth, comprehensive journey through lifestyle medicine. Lifestyle medicine is critical to wellness and armed with this information you will be able to take control of your health!